Let’s release ladybugs!

From 10th to 14th April at Martino.bio’s pomegranate grove in Monteroni (Italy)

From 10th to 14th April at Martino.bio’s pomegranate grove in Monteroni di Lecce (Italy), 20,000 insects will be released, including the beautiful ladybugs, in order to contrast aphids’ attacks against pomegranate trees.

The release will be achieved with the support of the agronomist Simone Donno and the head of the field Daniele De Pascalis who will illustrate the different characteristics of the insects.

Each person represents a great value for society, a great seed of this great garden that is humanity.

Let’s cultivate beauty together: we will collect wonder!

In May we will install the honeybee hives, thanks to Vincenzo Manca from Manca’s farm who will illustrate all the characteristics and benefits.

Waiting for October: guided tours for the pomegranate harvest during the red days.

All participants will receive a nice memory of the day and will taste a preview of Chiurazzi U.S. soda Lecce Edition.

They will also taste the MELAGRANELLO (pomegranate liqueur) made by Tenuta Verola in collaboration with Martino.bio.

The cost is € 5 per participant.

Children under 14 years of age are free of charge.

The release will be organized daily and will last 90 – 120 minutes.
Interested parties can ask for information and book at +39 328 7937661

Martino.bio – Melograneto del Salento Strada Provinciale 119 Lecce-Porto Cesareo Monteroni di Lecce (LE)

Site : www.martino.bio

Tel : +39 0832 322111 – +39 328 7937661 Mail daniele.depascalis@gmail.com

Visits with reservation required by April 8.

If you need a means of transport, please contact our partner Event2 visiting the site www.event2.it

Video realizzato da Francesco Spedicato